On 11 March, in the noble salons of Palazzo Cusani, in Via del Carmine 8, in Milan, the prizes were awarded to the most deserving citizens of Milan, citizens who have distinguished themselves for actions of civil courage, personal commitment and altruism. This is an initiative launched successfully in 2004 in collaboration with the Milan Police Headquarters and the Coordination of the Milan Committees. The operation is aimed at raising public awareness of Milan on the themes of: civic and moral sense of the citizen, sense of belonging to the Community in which one lives, concrete and positive examples of real life in Milan, services offered by the Police and collaboration with citizens.


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Last Monday we had the great pleasure to have an exceptional guest: Mario Furlan, founder of the City Angels.
Mario Furlan founded the City Angels in 1994, in Milan. Now the angels are present in 21 Italian cities, from Lugano to Palermo. The City Angels are emergency road volunteers, they help the homeless and the citizens in difficulty and, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, they prevent crime. In Milan there are three shelters for homeless people, where every day they host over 300 people.
Mario is the first in Europe to teach Motivation at the University. He currently teaches "Motivation and Leadership" and was elected "Best Italian life coach 2018".
He wrote several books, including some best-sellers: "Awaken the champion in you!" And "You can!"
In March he will release his new motivational book, "Happy forever", published by Cairo Editore. Mario is the creator of the "Wilding", the instinctive and mental self-defense, which he also teaches to his City Angels.Schermata 2019-03-02 alle 00.39.24.png  Schermata 2019-03-02 alle 00.39.57.png

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This Monday we had the big pleasure of hosting the interclub with Rotary Ca 'Granda, having as our own speaker its President: Marco Giudici.
Marco is participating in an incredibly important and prestigious project: he is working on the construction of the largest telescope in the world. At th end this Telescope will be mounted in the Atacama desert, in Chile. Thanks to this new tool we will be able to see things never seen before: planets, stars, satellites, black holes. And all of this discoveries will give us answers to many the questions that man has always posed. Are we alone in the Universe? Did everything really come from the Big Bang?

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Monday, February 18, was a very pleasant evening thanks to the presence of Dr. Giancarlo Badinotti, owner of the largest group of industrial fishing equipment, invited by our member Letizia Mansutti. Together we have talked about "Fish farms in the world. How to eat well. "


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On 28th of Jenaury, was with us Dr. Aldo Mazzini, professional oleologist, brought by our partner Letizia Mansutti. In addition to him we tasted different oils and discovered the characteristics of each and its properties.


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