The visit of our Governor Müller to the Group 8 Clubs took place at the wonderful location of Villa Torretta.
A very interesting evening divided into several moments.
Each Club has the opportunity to present its flagship projects so as to be able to share them with the clubs of its group.

It was a real pleasure confront ourselfs with the Governor and share with him the goals of the Rotary Club.

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It was a very interesting evening that was conducted by Paolo Crespi, a member of the board of directors of GIST (Italian Tourist Press Group).
We talked about the change in the publishing market with the transition from offline to online and with the subversion of the canonical rules of the journalism's world.


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In 1999 Giorgia was miraculously saved, thanks to a liver transplant, after taking a small amount of ecstasy. From that day, she decided to turn her experience into a life lesson, informing and talking to young people about the risks involved in taking drugs.
For more than 10 years, she has carried out a preventive activity telling about herself in the schools, so that her mistake can avoid someone else's, to give the very young the right information that she has not had.

Giorgia is also a writer of books and from early October 2018 is sold in all bookstores her second book "Io non voglio smettere" published by Mondadori, a novel that speaks to young people, putting them in front of their fears and their dreams.

On March 2019 will be released the film inspired by her life. Giorgia asked to Rotary International Net's friends to help her by bringing to the cinemas more young as possible.

Giorgia we are all with you!

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We met on Tuesday, October 30, at Air Force Military Command, for the Interclub with the friends of Precotto San Michele, Arco della Pace and Porta Venezia. The distinguished speaker was the lawyer Giulio Gallera, Councilor for Welfare Lombardy Region, who spoke about the topic: "Health in the Lombardy Region, current situation and prospects".


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Last night, in the wonderful setting of Palazzo Visconti, there was the Interclub organized by our friends of Rotary Milan Monforte.
Great expectations and enthusiasm for the speaker of the evening: Letizia Moratti, former mayor of Milan and former Minister of Italian Education. Mrs. Moratti is now Chairman of UBI Banca.
Many topics were discussed during the meeting with Il Giorno's director, Sandro Neri, like: Expo2015, immigration, corporate walfare and the 2026 Olympics.

A delightful evening both for the company and for the excellent cuisine.

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