Milan, 26/10/2017 

Evening of great prestige and valuable education yesterday at the Hotel dei Cavalieri Milano with Governor Andrea Pernice, RCMI Chairman Alfio Morone, Prof. Sandro Formica - Florida University and Bocconi University - and numerous Rotarian personalities including the Presidents of the other Clubs who have contributed to the success of this InterClub.

Professor Sandro Formica (introduced by our member and Past President Letizia Mansutti) has been the speaker on the theme "Self-Science at the Rotary Service for Great Milan", an extremely motivational, profound and engaging conference on the themes of self-awareness, managing-yourself and imagination.

This Interclub, organized by RC Milano International, saw a high participation of all the Presidents and numerous members from RC Milano Net, RC Milano Settimo, RC Milano Europa, RC Milano Borromeo Brivio Sforza, RC Manforte.

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