This Rotary year RCMI has launched the Mentorship Project in favor of Rotaract Sforza together with RC Milano Villoresi. RCMI members are therefore involved first-hand in a concrete and constructive support, which can contribute humanly and culturally to both mentee and mentor growth.

The Mentorship project aims at personal, professional, and Rotarian growth of the individuals involved through the healthy development of a relationship, collaboration and exchange of experiences between Mentor and Mentee.

The Mentor has the role of supporting Mentee in the critical analysis of the topics submitted by the Mentee, which stimulates him in the discussions and topics of interest that concern the development of his/her person and professionalism.

The combination of Mentor and Mentee is decided by the "Mentorship Project Committee" based on criteria such as the professionalism, ambitions and interests of the candidates.

Mentor and Mentee will meet about twice a month.

The members of Rotaract Sforza who participate in the project as Mentee are 19  (age 20 - 30), some are students while others are working in different fields such as jurisprudence, engineering, economics, human resources, philosophy and design.

November 28, 2017, the project will be officially launched during the convivial meeting organized in interclub with RC Milano Villoresi and Rotaract Sforza.




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