Thanks to an idea of Rotary Club Milano International, the past President Roberto Pontremoli in 2004 started an initiative together with some Milanese Rotary Clubs, in collaboration with the Police Headquarter of Milan (Questura) and the Coordination of Milan Committees.

Here starts the idea to reward every year some "meritorious citizens" and associations that have particularly standed out in actions of civil courage or protection of legality, with personal commitment and altruism. Often, worthy citizens seem to be normal people, and in fact they are but they have also a high sense of civil coexistence, nowadays an increasingly precious value.

Citizens are identified and selected by the Quarter Committees, the Police and the Rotarian Clubs, on the basis of shared criteria and they are rewarded during a Rotary event organized by Rotary Club MI International, along with the Milanese Clubs participating in the project, in the presence of the Chief of Police of Milan and the chairman of the Milan Coordination Committees.

A large plaque in the Chief’s office, updated by Rotary year-to-year, reports the recipients of recognition.

The “Meritorious Citizens” Award aims to raise awareness of Milan's public opinion on issues of civic and moral sense of citizenship and belonging to the community in which they live, with concrete and positive examples of real life in Milan and services provided by the Police in collaboration with the citizens. Milan with this award confirms its high sensitivity for an active and participatory citizenship.

This year, the "Meritorious Citizens" award takes place on 14 November 2017 at the Hotel dei Cavalieri, Milan, in the presence of the Chief of Police, dr. Marcello Cardona. 



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