On 11 March, in the noble salons of Palazzo Cusani, in Via del Carmine 8, in Milan, the prizes were awarded to the most deserving citizens of Milan, citizens who have distinguished themselves for actions of civil courage, personal commitment and altruism. This is an initiative launched successfully in 2004 in collaboration with the Milan Police Headquarters and the Coordination of the Milan Committees. The operation is aimed at raising public awareness of Milan on the themes of: civic and moral sense of the citizen, sense of belonging to the Community in which one lives, concrete and positive examples of real life in Milan, services offered by the Police and collaboration with citizens.


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Via del Carmine, 8 - Milano
at Palazzo Cusani
Simonetta Ronchi   (Club Secretary)
Tel. +39 335 8072462
e-mail: simonetta.ronchi@tiscali.it
C.F. 97355930153


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