Milan, 23/05/2017

From Artic to Antartic: wonderful trip upon the ice, shared by the great photographer Bruno Cossa!

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Milan, 20/05/2017

We made a great team at the District 2041 Congress Meeting.

Suggestions of ethical and moral values were given: be hungry, humble and loving! The challenge for successful integration is to be able to share our laws, our values, our freedom.

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Milan, 16/5/2017

Bruno Mognayie, Managing Partner & Head of Business Development at Joshua's Capital, talks about Africa and the enterpreneurial opportunities in the continent, showing interesting statistics about the African continent and illustrating the opportunities, especially in the Far East, with strong infrastructure growth.

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Milan, 20/05/2017 - Palazzo Mezzanotte

Great participation of our Club Rotary Milano International at Palazzo Mezzanotte for the District 2041 Congress Meeting: Andrea Pernice outlines a year to help immigrants. Let's establish partnership with District 2041 friends to help change Milano!

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